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By Miriam Cecilia Dixon

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One of my favorite things to do is host a party… rather yet, plan a party!  And that is just what my sister and I did for our older sister and her sweet baby Nautica.


My sister gave birth to my niece while residing in San Diego.  After 6 months and finally being relocated back to Illinois we were able to throw a ‘Welcome Baby Nautica’ party for all of our friends and family that hav been such a support for them.


 My sisters and I have always been referred to as the “Carlson girls” and after two incredible little boys being born into the family, it was about time to add another girl to the mix.  Nautica is the sweetest little baby I know.  She loves to be part of what is going on and her smile makes your heart melt. It was such an honor to get to welcome her to her new world!


My sister is the best cook I know. It is such a treat planning a party with her because I get to focus on decor (my favorite part) and I know that the food will be outstanding if she is in charge!


The best part of hosting the party at my mother’s home is getting to pull out all of her treasures. Every cup and saucer, silver coffee pot, and blush pink platter has a story attached to all of the amazing women that have come before me.


Prepping for the party turns into a lesson on my family and hearing the stories that go along with each dish makes me feel a little closer with my dearly missed grandparents.


 After trying to teach myself how to make macaroons, I decided to share them with the party guests.  I am still trying to figure out all of the little secrets for success but I truly love making macaroons and am determined to master them!


 As life seems to always be busy and the weekends seem to fly by, taking the time to stop and celebrate the blessings around us becomes more and more important. It was such a special day to see all the women that are near and dear to our family come together to celebrate the newest addition to the family and let Nautica’s mother know that we are all there for her.


 Three generations together.  My wonderful mother (who p.s. looks amazing in the miriam cecilia black on black quilted blazer) teaching us girls how to be great mothers and seeing both my sisters taking on that role has been truly amazing to watch.


It will be such a treat now to watch this little one grow up and grow out of her white puff sleeve miriam cecilia frock!


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