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By Miriam Cecilia Dixon

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This past week I travelled up North to the Northwest Angle where my family has been going since before I was born. It is a place dear to my heart where I have fond memories of my own and stories of my grandfather whom I never met. We stay in Angle Inlet at the Prothero’s Post on the far West side of Lake of the Woods in charming hand built log cabins tucked away in Birch tree forests.

lake_familyThis is the home to the infamous mica mine that I have been frequenting since a little girl.  After taking the wrong turn for a couple of years, we rediscovered the abandoned mine right before my Senior year where I collected the mica and created  a dress entirely out of mica for my Senior collection.  Since then I have loved incorporating the gorgeous mineral into gowns, dresses, and jewelry.

hunting_for_micaThis year it was exciting to share the mine with Joel and my nephew.  We told Beckett that there was a place where the pirates had hid their treasure and the mica mine did not disappoint him on his treasure hunt.


mica_quartzAs you turn the corner from the mile hike through the woods from the lake you see a clearing in the trees.  Upon your arrival the mica is shimmering in all different directions.  Along with the mica is feldspar and quartz all cleaved together.

mica_in_quartzOver the years I continue to be mesmerized by this spot.  I have never seen anything quite like it and to have it all to ourselves is quite special.  It is has proven to be endlessly inspirational and never ceases to amaze me.

sun_on_the_lakeIt takes a long time to get this far North and always seems even longer to get back, but once you arrive you see why it is worth it… endless beauty.


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